We are excited to announced the eight early stage producers who will participate in our Producer Accelerator programme.

Eight of the most promising early stage producers will take part in training and networking sessions from industry speakers and will be matched with a carefully selected mentor..

L-R Top Row: Calum Mitchell; Haider Al-Shybani; Jasmine Lindemann; Liam Fitzpatrick
L-R Bottom Row: Lucy MacKenzie McNae; Misha McCullagh; Sophie Chater; Toria Cassidy

Producer Accelerator is a new intensive training programme for early stage producers from Short Circuit.

The programme, led by producer Lauren Lamarr, will take participants through the whole journey of deciding whether a producer should take film on, thinking about IP and rights, budgeting scheduling and working with the crew and creative team all the way to sales and festival tours.

In early October 2021, Short Circuit invited applications from producers across Scotland who are ready to take the next step into the industry and would benefit from support to further their knowledge of the industry and expand their skillset and gain confidence in seeking funding for their next projects.

The programme features a variety of well-established producers and industry experts, including Brian Coffey (Our Ladies, Get Duked!, Outlaw King), Ivan MacTaggart (Loving Vincent), Jenny Parker, John Letham, Ludo Smolski, Rosie Crerar (Run, Irene’s Ghost) and Stephen Woolley (Carol, The Crying Game).

You can find out more about our participants in our PDF booklet.

If you would like to know more about our Producer Accelerator development programme, click here.

We also host events throughout the year to inspire, connect and inform filmmakers across Scotland.

As always, please do get in touch with any comments or suggestions, and please keep an eye on our website for further announcements.

Featured image: Still from Sharp Shorts funded film Go Home – Writer/Director: Razan Madhoon

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