This month Short Circuit Film Club is screening five award-winning shorts from interfilm Berlin’s 2020 programme!

This edition will take place between April 17th and 22nd, featuring shorts from interfilm Berlin 2020. This curated programme features a mix of drama and animation, and exemplify the wealth of filmmaking talent working in Germany right now.

This month’s Film Club event will take place on Wednesday 21st April at 4pm where several of the filmmakers will be joining us to discuss their films, and network with other filmmakers working in Scotland.

While the Film Club discussion will be centered on the German film programme, this event also offers all attendees a chance to network in a casual and safe digital setting. Please register for the event on Zoom.

This month’s programme will be available to rent on Glasgow Film At Home Saturday from 17th April and features the following shorts:

Fließende Grenze (Fluid Border) (2019)
Directed by Joanna Vogt

Synopsis: 1980, the German-German borderlands: Right through the middle of a lake runs a precisely defined “fluid border” between East and West Germany. One night a storm shifts one of the buoys which form the borderline. While the border guards from East and West are trying to restore the border, two land surveyors throw their prejudices overboard and tear down their boundaries.

In Den Binsen (Rushes) (2019)
Directed by Clara Zoë My-Linh von Arnim

Synopsis: Early morning in the Bavarian woods. Christoph, suffering from a severe hang-over, sits next to his mother on a high seat. While she is aiming at a deer, Christoph tries to make up his mind. He’s had the plan to come out to her, but this really doesn’t seem like the best time. He checks his breath, screws up his courage and tries to tell her – simultaneously she fires a shot. Everything goes wrong and if that wasn’t enough, his boyfriend is about to arrive.

Portrait of Suzanne (2019)
Directed by Izabela Plucinska

Synopsis: Roland Topors’ Portrait en pied de Suzanne is a tragic love story between a lonely, obese protagonist and his bruised left foot which reminds him of a former lover Suzanne. It’s a dark but humorous story full of isolation, delirious misinterpretations and with feelings of hunger, jealousy, kindness and nostalgia.

Revolvo (2020)
Directed by Francy Fabritz

Synopsis: Anette (55) and Carla (70) have known each other for years. Years have passed and since society has only changed in slow motion, Carla and Anette decide to modify their strategies by using their criminal energy with a breeze of fun and rage. Undaunted, they use their supposed invisibility to do what many would not dare to do.

Wochenbett (Postpatrum) (2020)
Directed by Henriette Rietz

Synopsis: Postpartum is about the chaotic phase in life of a new mother. Pumped up with hormones and lacking sleep, this intense time has burned deep into the protagonist’s heart. This film is an honest and very personal insight into the world of an overwhelmed mother, who seriously thought that parental leave would become a sort of sabbatical.

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