First Features Awardees

The First Features awardees have been awarded development funding towards their debut feature.

Through the scheme, filmmakers will receive funding towards their project along with creative/editorial support from the Short Circuit Talent Executives and the Scripted team at Screen Scotland.

The following list will be updated on a regular basis as more projects are awarded funding throughout the year:

A Good Spell
Writer: Michael Lee Richardson
Producer: Reece Cargan

Synopsis: Glasgow, 1970s. 11 year old Charlie Adair is an outcast, who prefers dancing to Kate Bush over playing football. When his mother tells him he’s a witch, Charlie has to learn to find power in his own uniqueness.

Writer/Director: Charlotte Scott-Wilson

Synopsis: Two larger than life adult siblings’ lives are changed forever when one of them falls into psychosis. As the ground beneath their feet cracks open, they must figure out what to hold on to, and what to let go of as life falls outside of their control. A meditative exploration of grief, forgiveness, madness and love.

Funeral Home
Writer/Director: Bryan M. Ferguson
Producer: Lewis Wardrop

Synopsis: After the sudden death of his father, Luke is forced to work at the family-run funeral home only to question his own mortality when faced with the corpse of a boy his age. Funeral Home is a dark coming of age tale about skateboarding, death and growing up in the early 00s.

Writer/Director: Sarah Grant

Synopsis: When Jackie finally admits that it’s not a good sign that her period is seven weeks late, she purchases a pregnancy test from the pound shop. She’s devastated to find it’s positive. She then embarks on a mission to find the one-night-stand possible father-to-be, much to the dismay of her friends.