Sharp Shorts Year 3
Year: 2023

Synopsis: After her estranged Palestinian father passes away, Linda returns to her childhood home in Glasgow, one last time. When her 10-year-old self suddenly appears, she is guided deeper into her own memories and her family’s past.


Director: Theo Panagopoulos
Producer: Penny Davies, Simone Pereira Hind
Screenwriter: Theo Panagopoulos
DOP: Nelisa Alcalde
Editor: Lindsay Watson
Sound Design: Jack Creith and Kym Hamilton
Composer: Alexandra Katerinopoulou
Production Design: Urte Rusteikaite
Costume Design: Marta Aspe
Hair & Makeup: Maddy Drewell
Casting: Anna Dawson

Cast: Simone Lahbib, Abby Wallace, Habiba Saleh, Firas Ibrahim

Photo credit: Robert Pereira Hind and Simone Pereira Hind

About Theo Panagopoulos

Theo Panagopoulos is a Greek-Lebanese-Palestinian filmmaker, film programmer and PhD candidate based in Scotland. His filmmaking explores through an ethical and intersectional way themes of memory, politics, fragmented identity and language connected to collective trauma and healing.

His creative documentary short My Own Personal Lebanon screened in multiple BAFTA-Qualifying festivals and was shortlisted for the IRIS award of the Hellenic Film Academy and his second documentary The Place between Was & Will Be premiered at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. His next fiction short film called The Key is commissioned by Short Circuit, Screen Scotland and BFI Network and will premiere in 2023.


About Penny Davies and Simone Pereira Hind

Penny Davies has a background as an assistant director and line producer in TV and feature films, and has produced short form content for both television and independent film.

Simone Pereira Hind has a background in casting feature films, TV series, short films and theatre. She adapted Sian Hughes’ short story for Smashing Pictures’ first short, Consumed.

Penny and Simone are based in Scotland and committed to bringing the work of new voices to a wider audience. They first met and worked together in 2015. Realising that they had a shared interest in bringing female-focused, untold stories to the screen they set up Smashing Pictures and made their first short film, Consumed (directed by Karen Lamond), with funding from Scottish Film Talent Network and BFI Network, in 2019. Consumed has been selected by film festivals around the world and has picked up a number of awards. Penny subsequently produced Maureen (directed by Shiona McCubbin), which is presently doing the round of festivals after premiering at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2022. Penny and Simone are currently co-producing two more shorts, Safe Home (with writer/director Holly Jack) and The Key (with writer/director Theo Panagopoulos, for Short Circuit and BFI Network).