Short Circuit is thrilled to announce the seven films that will be produced through the short film scheme Sharp Shorts.

L-R Top Row: Ali Taylor, Ana Songel and Ciara Elizabeth Smyth
L-R Bottom Row: Ciaran Pasi, Eilidh Loan, Lisa Clarkson and Theo Panagopoulos

The Sharp Shorts scheme aims to identify and support through training, 1-2-1 meetings, funding and mentoring the most exciting filmmaking talent in Scotland in the early stages of their career. 

In April 2022, Short Circuit invited writers, writer/directors or filmmaking teams of writer, director and producer to submit a one-page outline of their film idea. After a rigorous selection process, 12 ideas were selected to take part in further development, supported by industry experts and the Short Circuit Talent Executives, to take their project from idea to script.

The twelve teams then pitched their project to a panel that was formed by Short Circuit Talent Executives; Claudia Yusef, Head of Development at BBC Film; and Brian Coffey, Producer at The Highland Midgie for the chance to receive production funding to make their film.  

The following seven films are today announced as the selected projects:

A Beating Wing – Writer/Director: Ciaran Pasi; Producer: Shona Mackenzie

  • Over the course of one day, two young boys in South Glasgow face the pressures of the streets.

Beatless – Writer/Director: Ana Songel; Producer: Misha McCullagh

  • 7-year-old Ailsa grew up with an old island tale, woven by her Mum to explain her Dad’s absence. Beginning to notice the hole in their family, Ailsa bravely sets out to find the truth of her mum’s tale, hoping she can make their hearts whole again.

Just Jackie – Writer: Ali Taylor; Director: Michael Lee Richardson; Producers: Reece Cargan and James Heath

  • Plus-sized 9 year old Jackie, who loves dressing up in his mum’s clothes, seeks sweeties (and approval) from the girl-next-door.

Paternal Advice – Writer/Director: Lisa Clarkson; Producer: Alex Polunin

  • 1994. A Scottish working class man teaches his son a Scottish working class lesson.

Slay + Prepare the Animal for Meat – Writer: Ciara Elizabeth Smyth; Director: Oisin Kearney; Producers: Tony Wood and Anna Burns at Buccaneer Media

  • When a suburban housewife’s world falls apart, she meticulously plans revenge against her husband.

Soul – Writer: Eilidh Loan; Producers: Paula McGann and Zoe Fowlie

  • A coming-of-age story rooted in an electric subculture, Soul deals with the grief of letting your child leave home and the guilt working class people feel when leaving their town behind. Soul expresses the love for music, the values of community, the bravery to start again and the importance of identity.

The Lost Keys – Writer/Director: Theo Panagopoulos

  • After her estranged Palestinian father passes away, Linda returns to her childhood home in Glasgow and attempts to sell it and quickly move on. However, once she realises that her car keys are lost somewhere in the house, her 10 year old self appears and offers to help her find them.

The selected teams will each receive up to £15,000 to produce their film, plus an additional uplift for COVID costs of up to £5,000. Teams will also take part in intensive production training, and will be paired with an established Producer, Director or Writer who will mentor the team to help them to deliver their final film.

Since the launch of Sharp Shorts in May 2020 the Short Circuit team and pool of readers have assessed over 800 submissions for the scheme. 44 short film projects have received development support and 25 projects have been awarded funding.

Featured image: Behind the scenes of Sharp Shorts funded film Folding, directed by Paul Sng
Photo credit: Chris McCluskie

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