Sharp Shorts 2020 Awardees

Sharp Shorts 2020 Awardees


Writer/Director: Olivia Middleton; Producer: Carys Evans

A discontented waitress develops an intimate relationship with an unavailable woman in a netherworldly roadside café.

A90 team

BAHAR بهار (Spring)

Writer/Director: Maryam Hamidi; Producer: Alysia Maciejowska

10 years after her daughter died, a lonely widow’s home is infested by a mouldy manifestation of her daughter’s spirit, but when her son returns from university and realises the severity of her emotional entombment she is forced to confront her festering guilt and choose between the living and the dead.

BAHAR team


Director: Paul Sng; Writer: Maisie Chan; Producer: Jo Blair

Li, a young vulnerable Chinese woman alone and on the run in a foreign city, finds refuge and friendship in the home of Errol, a lonely Jamaican widower who is nearing the end of his life.

Go Home

Writer/Director: Razan Madhoon

When a young Palestinian woman tries to claim asylum in the UK, she faces the indifference of Home Office bureaucracy and the disillusionment of an older Polish asylum officer on the verge of leaving the country for good.


Writer/Director: Leyla Josephine; Producer: Laura McBride

Hannah, a withdrawn school leaver, must impress on a trial shift at a beauty salon while navigating a hyper-sexual environment, body mutilation and a coercive relationship with salon owner Skye.

House Party

Writer/Director: Victoria Thomas; Co-producers: Nadira Murray and Lindsay McGee

A woman traumatised by a brutal cultural tradition risks everything to save her niece from suffering the same fate.

 The A.V. Van

Writer/Director: Morayo Akandé; Co-producers: Moyo Akandé and Helen Gladders

Two film fanatic sisters try to reconnect with their estranged deceased father by selling his vintage porn collection.

 The Möbius Trip

Writer/Director: Simone Smith, Producer: Tom Kimberley

A road trip pushes a family to the brink after their journey descends into a claustrophobic hallucinatory nightmare.

 Too Rough

Writer/Director: Sean Lìonadh; Co-producers: Alfredo Covelli and Ross McKenzie

After a night of intoxication, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his own homophobic and dysfunctional family.