Sharp Shorts Application

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Application Guidelines

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Sharp Shorts Application

1. Applicant Information

if applying with a production company
if applicable
This applies to the project you are applying to Sharp Shorts with as well as any prior support granted to your core team. Other applicable partners include: Creative England, Film London, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Northern Ireland Screen, BFI Film Fund.

2. About you

100 words max

Optional Supporting Links

e.g. Vimeo, IMDb, own website, Pinterest moodboard etc
Do you have a full team of writer, director and producer in place? *

If yes, please include names and bios for your team

NB. They must also have complete profiles on the BFI NETWORK Postroom.
100 words max
500 words max. If you are applying as a team, this should be written by the lead creative(s) on the project, e.g. the writer/director, director or writer. Please use this section to tell us about why your project means something to you, and why you want to make it through Sharp Shorts.

3. About Your Project

500 words max. Please include a simple outline of your story’s plot, and try to get across the tone and genre if you can. Give us a sense of how the narrative develops (including how it ends), who the key characters are, what the central premise is.

4. Declaration

After submitting your application, please complete our Equal Opportunities form.