This month Short Circuit Film Club is celebrating short film on the Shortest Day of the Year!

Short Circuit Film Club is for short filmmakers with online screenings and events from around the world, held monthly on the Glasgow Film At Home streaming platform.

December’s programme includes five fantastic shorts, curated by Show Me Shorts Film Festival in New Zealand, that have been specially selected under the theme of Connections.

Short Circuit Film Club is all about celebrating short films and making connections with other filmmakers, so please join us for this unique event.

This month’s programme will be available for 72 hours from Friday 18th December, and features the following shorts:

Laundry (2017)
Directed by Becs Arangaha

Synopsis: When a happily married woman struggles to find intimacy due to the demands of raising a family, orgasmic pleasure is found in the most unlikely of places. 

Sybil’s Psychic Hotline (2017)
Directed by Grant Lahood

Synopsis: In this dark comedy, Con decides that the perfect way to cheer up her depressed and bedridden partner Bella is to call a clairvoyant phone line.

Tree (2019)
Directed by Lauren Jackson

Synopsis: One evening Alisi (17) climbs a huge tree and won’t come down. As night falls and we discover her secret, Alisi must decide whether to bow to cultural family traditions or find a new path – with or without her family.

Twenty One Points (2018)
Directed by Peter Circuitt

Synopsis: Set over a single day in suburban New Zealand, Twenty One Points is a light-hearted and eccentric buddy movie between a grown man, his imaginary friend, and his Mum.

Walk a Mile (2019)
Directed by Judith Cowley

Synopsis: An old man hates the noisy family he lives next door to, until something changes his mind.

On Monday 21st December at 4pm there will be an informal and fun Zoom event around the theme of Connections, which ties the film programme together.

Register for the discussion here. We hope to see you there!

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